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Skate Maintenance

Grinder's Sports is much more than just skate sharpening! Owner David Marsh is well versed in all facets of skate and equipment repair. Grinder's Sports Skate Sharpening is the only place for professional, consistent quality skate work and equipment repairs in the Trent Hills area!

Skate Eyelets - $1/eyelet

Whether they are rusted, broken, or missing, an improper eyelet can shorten the life of your laces and your boots.

Ripped/Torn Eyelet - $20/eyelet

There are many reasons why an eyelet will tear. Luckily, Grinder's Sports is able to repair nearly any eyelet tear and have you back on the ice good as new.

Skate Rivets - $1.50/rivet or $20 for a complete set

The most common cause of rivet corrosion is improperly dried skates. Luckily, replacing the rivets when they become corroded ca extend the life of your skates, as long as the rest of the boot and holder are still in good condition.

Boot Punch - $10

Grinder's Sports can apply a specialized process of heat and pressure to “bump out” areas of your boot to give you a more customized fit and relieve pressure points.

Skate Moulding- $20

weather its an old or new pair of skates, Grinder's Sports has the ability to heat and stretch that pair of skates to ensure the best fit. 

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