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As a family-run business, we value the importance of providing high quality used sports equipment at an affordable price. Kids grow fast, and as parents, it can be difficult on our wallets, but even more difficult is the fact that a lot of our gear is still in great condition with many more seasons left in them. Just bring in your used (not abused) equipment and we will appraise and put its value towards a new purchase in the form of a store credit.


We base our prices on brand, condition and demand for the items. Typically, we resell our used items for about 40-60% of what they would sell for new today. You would receive 50% of that amount depending condition and current inventory levels of similar products.


To estimate what your equipment is worth

New Cost Today X 40-60%   =   Resale Price

Resale Price        X 50%         =   Trade in value


New Cost          $99.99 X 40-60%      = $40-60.00

Resale Price     $40-60.00   X 50%    = $20-30.00


Consignments welcome

Grinders Sports accepts trade-in merchandise within the following categories:

  1. Hockey: Skates, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin pads, sticks, hockey bags, goalie pads, chest protectors

  2. Lacrosse: Sticks, shoulder pads, rib pads, arm guards / elbow pads, lacrosse bags

  3. Soccer: Soccer cleats, shin pads

  4. Baseball/Softball: Gloves, bats, cleats, equipment bags

  5. Golf: Clubs, bags, balls


Grinders Sports Reserves the rights to Deny All equipment that is felt to be of poor condition.

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